Stellar Lightning

Cross-border payments faster than ever before – now with Lightning Network and an ITO platform

Stellar Lightning offers a completely new experience of international payments and decentralized exchange – a seamless experience coupled with visionary design

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What is Stellar Lightning?

Stellar Lightning is a hard fork of Stellar that leverages the power of the Lightning Network – a revolutionary second-level payment protocol. With Stellar Lightning, payments become even faster, cheaper, and more private.

How is Stellar Lightning better?

Lightning Network implementation

The future of cryptocurrency networks is already here: with most transactions happening off the main chain, you can enjoy free payments anywhere in the world.

Launch new assets

Create your own token in minutes, organize a fundraising campaign, design your own smart contract – even if you are not a coder;

Advanced smart contracts

From atomic swaps and multisig escrow to accessing oracles and IoT sensors – everything your dApp needs, on one platform.

White paper

Get XLL tokens for free

We believe that the latest technology must be easily available to the widest audience. Nothing will drive adoption faster than free distribution of the most promising new digital assets. For this reason, we have decided to offer two ways to claim free XLL tokens.

If you have any lumens in your personal Stellar wallet (such as Lobstr, Interstellar, etc.), you will get your free XLL tokens automatically. On January 28, 2019, at 20:00 GMT we will carry out a snapshot of the Stellar network. You will receive 5 XLL tokens for each XLM you hold.

Bounty Even more free XLL coins Bounty

If you are an active social media user, YouTuber, or blogger, than our bounty campaign is for you. Just choose the type of tasks you prefer and help us promote Stellar Lightning. High rewards in XLL are guaranteed.


Try our new Stellar Lightning wallet and discover a new world of possibilities. One-tap payments, contact lists, trading tools, real-time exchange rates, two-factor authentication – these and many other features will make it your new favorite wallet.


Q3-4 2018

Ideation and development in preparation for the hard fork

Jan 28, 2019

Snapshot of the XLM network & distribution of XLL tokens

Q1 2019

Large-scale bounty campaign, affiliate program launch; work on the Lightning Network integration

Q2 2019

Introduction of a decentralized exchange; Lightning Network testing; work on the ITO module

Q3 2019

Beta release of the Lightning Network integration; basic smart contract functionality

Q4 2019

Advanced smart contracts; release of the ITO platform; introduction of in-app crypto futures trading

Q1 2020

Adding security token features; introduction of margin lending and HFT tools

Frequently asked questions

How many XLL tokens will be issued? Is the emission limited?
We will pre-mint 25 000 000 000 XLL, which will be allocated for the airdrop, bounty campaign, development, and marketing purposes. The total supply will be increased by 1.5% each year to accommodate rising demand.
How many free XLL tokens can I get?
There is no limit to the amount of XLL that can be awarded to one user. You will receive 5 XLL for each XLM you hold in a personal wallet, plus a generous reward for any bounty tasks you complete. In the near future, we will also launch an affiliate program, which will help you earn even more XLL by inviting new users into the ecosystem.
My lumens are stored in an exchange account. Will I still get free XLL?
You must hold XLM in a personal wallet in order to be eligible for the airdrop. Exchange wallets cannot participate – and in any case, they are not a safe place to store your cryptocurrency. If you have lumens stored on an exchange, we suggest that you transfer them into a personal wallet that supports Lumens in time for the snapshot on January 28. After the snapshot, you are free to dispose of your XLM – you can move them out of your wallet and back to the exchange, for example.
Which languages are accepted for the bounty campaign?
The main language of our bounty campaign is English. Applications for other languages will be evaluated on an individual basis.
Why do you need Lightning Network – isn’t the Stellar protocol very fast already?
Stellar is very fast compared to Ethereum and Bitcoin, but it will face a scaling problem in the near future, just like other blockchains. As the number of transactions grows rapidly, it will become impossible to execute them all on the main chain. We are aiming to keep ahead of this tide and introduce the Lightning Network before it becomes a dire urgency.
What consensus protocol does Stellar Lightning use?
Our network uses the Federated Byzantine Agreement – in our opinion, it is the most secure and reliable consensus algorithm out there. It offers a much greater resource efficiency compared to Proof-of-Work and fewer vulnerabilities than Proof-of-Stake.
Why will the total number of XLL tokens increase with time? Isn’t inflation a bad thing?
A healthy low rate of inflation is necessary for any economy to grow. As cryptocurrency gains wider adoption, it will need to follow the same rules as fiat money – which include expanding the money supply to support economic growth.